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  • CBCL is a synthetic multi-use lubricant from our hi-tech series that can be used to

    bend copper tubes and Manifold parts. CBCL is miscible with new 410A and old

    generation refrigerants and does not contain VOCs. CBCL offers excellent thermal

    stability and is virtually non-hygroscopic, reducing the risk of copper corrosion or

    sludge precipitation. CBCL is designed to be left in the hairpins and does not require

    post process cleaning.

    Product Benefits


    Miscible with old and new generation refrigerants

    Contains no VOCs

    Superior tool and die life

    Low foaming

    Excellent thermal stability

    Low floc point

    Good compatibility with mineral and P.O.E. base compressor oils


    Product Application


    CBCL is designed to be used as is. It can be sprayed through the mandrel in the

    hairpin bender or sprayed in expansion. Using CBCL only small amounts are

    needed for bending and in most cases, reapplying in expansion is not necessary.