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HVAC Efficiency

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    The facility engineer was impressed with the results. "After a mere 90 days, airflow is back to design specs and we are able to maintain the desired temperature set points in the kitchen and cafeteria," he says. "The AHU motor is drawing less amps, saving the hospital energy. Based on this successful demonstration, we’ve decided to incorporate these performance-enhancing UV-C fixtures in more of the hospital's AHUs.”

    UV-C, when specified into new buildings and retrofits, reduces infectious agents, occupant absenteeism and mechanical system maintenance. UV-C qualifies for LEED points in the energy and stainability category and is recognized in many greenbuilding standards for being chemical free. Accordingly, UV installations are becoming more commonplace and it is a rapidly growing application. The recognition of UV-C’s role in creating sustainable qualit


HVAC Efficiency