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We are specialized in Air quality products. Our Company was established in 1993. We provide our services to a wide range of different market segments.
For the AIR FILTRATION we provide wide range of products and keep in stock variety of products cannot be matched with any supplier in the market.
For the HUMIDITY CONTROL we are able to supply complete line of Humidifiers reliable in operation , provide long lasting humidity control , Dryers with Silica gel Desiccant rotors include movable compact Stainless steel air Desiccant Dehumidifiers.
For the HEAT TRANSFER we are specialized in all range of products for HVAC , Industrial, refrigeration requirments include AIR/AIR , Plate heat exchangers, coolers and shell & tube types , include the TEXTILE DUCT (Fabric Duct system).
For the ICE MAKERS we represent manufacturers Leaders in the World Industry for Flake Ice machines which provide capacity curves with large surface area and high heat absorption to cool product rapidly. All type of Ice machines; Tube Ice, Block Ice plants, Nugget Ice , chip Ice , we can Offer Ice storage rooms with Ice rack system design to any capacity required.
For the Air Conditioner OEM we are recognized as major supplier of mateirlas needed for the manufacturing of HE coils for the A/C & Ref. COPPER – Fin STOCK – Rubber Insulation – Evaporation oil we have global experience in offering highest quality production machinery in the Heat Transfer Industry we are leading projects to offer the usage of the Aluminum tubes in the A/C industry.
For the Pharmacetical Industry we have wide scope of supply include DUST COLLECTORS , Central Vacume Systems to complete the line of services to such important sector.
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